Why did we make the 12See App?

Because nobody else was doing it!

And if anyone was the right fit for it, then it was us. We’re the only people building software and tools specifically for the Family Day Care sector in Australia, and we’ve been doing it for ten years.

We’re a part of your sector, and we’re doing all we can to help you.

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Helping both Educators and Services

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The Family Day Care sector faces an ever-increasing number of challenges, not least of which is constant change. In almost all cases that change equates to, and adds to, the administrative burden that faces both Educators and Services in the Family Day Care sector.

The FDSee application has been helping Services with operational efficiency for 10 years, evolving and growing to be unique and relied upon by an ever increasing number of Services all around Australia. Through working with the sector, and more importantly listening to our users, our FDSee system provides extensive operational efficiencies and demonstrates compliance and quality practice.

But what about Family Day Care Educators?

We knew that with the right application and functionality, we could provide Educators with a system specifically for them providing some of the benefits of FDSee – which brought you 12See.

Why – because it matters!

Every minute an Educator spends on administration is a minute less they can spend with children (or their own family). Running a business is not easy, running a Family Day Care business can be very hard at times. We believe the increasing administrative burden on Family Day Care is taking up time that would be better spent with children and families – so our systems are aimed at giving you those minutes, hours, and even days, back so you as an Educator can spend more time where it matters – with the children in your care.

Why – because we can!

With over 40 years of collective experience in Family Day Care and software development, we are in the unique position of being able to, not only understand what you need, but also be able to provide solutions to meet those needs. By expanding the FDSee platform with 12See (and FDSeeCCS) we now offer Services and Educators the complete one-stop-shop for FDC technology.

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