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You can now offer your Educators an extra point of difference. Make their lives easier and simplify how your service works with them.

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What it does now

Compliance & Communication

The 12See web application will enhance your current compliance processes, recording interactions with Educators and allowing them to efficiently manage and upload their compliance documentation.

Real Time Messaging

So many conversations with your Educators get lost in phone logs, day books, old emails and a multitude of other systems, sometimes making finding that critical conversation impossible. 12See combined with FDSee provides a 2-way messaging system enabling all meaningful interactions with Educators to be recorded, date/time stamped and retrieved in seconds when needed.

Documents and Certification

FDSee already makes Educator Documentation a breeze, but 12See takes it to the next level with Educators able to directly upload their compliance documentation to your Service. It also provides them with a way or organise, store, and (most importantly) retrieve those critical documents when required.


Educators can set their own reminders for documentation expiry, ensuring that everything is kept up to date.

Document storage options
Calendar and Time Management functionality

Time Management

Running a Family Day Care business, both for Educators and Services has never been harder with what seems to be an ever increasing level of administrative tasks. That makes your time even more precious and so a big part of what we do with 12See focuses on how we can save you time on admin so you can spend more time with the children in your care.

Everything in One Place

Whilst 12See works and provides significant benefits in isolation, the real magic happens when it is used with the FDSee system. FDSee and 12See are interconnected allowing Educators and Services to not only share information and documentation, but also keep everything in one place. Not only does this save time, but also significantly helps with providing information for spot checks, compliance visits or Assessment and Rating.

Educator Calendar

Along with the Educator’s own calendar in 12See, we provide a range of key dates relevant to the Family Day Care Sector, either as prompts for EYLF learning outcomes, or events such as Family Day Care Week. In addition to this, via FDSee, a Service can also populate the Educator’s calendar with other key dates, e.g. processing reminders, meetings, training and PD.

Other Functionality

As a Family Day Care Service the interconnection with 12See offers a range of unique and valuable features.

Educator Self Assessments (ESA’s)

ESA’s are done from safety and practice audit templates in the 12See system for non-FDSee Educators, but with FDSee Services can create their own ESA’s and can distribute to Educators via FDSee/12See with schedule and reminders.

Examples ESA’s include:

  • Safe sleep
  • Water safety
  • Transportation of children
  • Evacuation practices

Vacancy Management

Educators will be able to interact with the FDSee system to update their vacancies, which are then available to the Service in real time, and directly fed into the Request for Care and Vacancy Search sections in FDSee.

Care Exceptions

We all know how frustrating it is when you arrive for an Educator visit only to find out that they are not working. With 12See connected to FDSee, Educators will be able to update their Care Exceptions directly feeding into FDSee in real time, with the relevant warnings to Coordinators if visits are scheduled for these dates.

CCS Fee Estimator

Enables Educators to provide parents/families with a quick fee estimate based on their CCS, hours required and the Educator’s fees. Results can be quickly emailed to the parent/family. Updated annually in line with any changes to CCS or child care subsidy changes.

Additional 12See App Functionality

And there’s a lot more on the way

We are not just a software provider, we are a Family Day Care Software provider. We have used our extensive operational Family Day Care experience to provide an unparalleled platform for the sector. But, more importantly than that, we listen to the sector and we have evolved based on feedback from users.

That evolution in inherent within 12See, and there are already many new features lined up that will benefit Educators and Services.

Our platform will continue to be the benchmark for quality, efficiency and compliance, but will grow significantly to include many other operational aspects, including; risk assessment, dynamic e-forms, transportation of children and a range of reports and benchmarking tools.

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