Helping Educators run their Family Day Care business

Made for FDC Educators in Australia

A web based app designed for your mobile phone to help you manage your Family Day Care business quickly and efficiently, improving your quality and saving time.

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What it does now

Compliance – Organised

When your Service Coordinator or Authorised Officer visits, do you wish you had all of your compliance information at your fingertips, you can with 12See.

Upload Documents

Simply take a picture or scan to upload any documents you need for your Family Day Care business. There are no limits on how many documents you can upload.


All documents can be filed based on categories that reflect how you work, and can be retrieved instantly to show or send.

Expiry Notifications

With every document you upload you can create unique reminders for expiry or follow up, ensuring you never get caught out at the last minute

Document storage options
Calendar and Time Management functionality

Time – Managed

If there is one thing we all can agree on in Family Day Care, it’s that there are never enough hours in the day! With that in mind, we have done our best to give you the tools to manage your time effectively and efficiently.


Our Calendar is just the starting point, beginning with dates that reflect your role and can initiate learning opportunities, and then expanded with key dates for your business, e.g. parent interviews, appointments, holidays etc.


Reminders can be set for events, with you deciding when they pop up, which coupled with expiring documents reminders help ensure you never miss a thing.

Other functionality

With FDSee’s unparalleled operational experience in Family Day Care from a software development perspective, we are able to see many areas where we can use technology to simplify and enhance practice, process and compliance.

CCS Estimator

With this simple tool you can provide parents/families with gap fee estimates in seconds, via email, while you are on the phone or even during an interview.

Educator Self Assessment Safety Check Lists

A range of templates covering things such as; Safe sleep, water safety, transportation of children, and evacuation practices. Can be shared when completed either via FDSee or

To Do List

Never lose track of what’s left to do, simple and with integrated reminders.

Additional 12See App Functionality
12See App and FDSee are integrated together

FDSee – Integrated

If your Service uses FDSee and they enable 12See their end a whole range of features open up to make things even more efficient.

Document Sharing

You can share your key documents, uploading them directly via 12See. For example, take a picture of your new First Aid Certificate, add to 12See and click “share” and it appears directly in your Service FDSee Inbox.

Shared Service Calendar

Your Service can input key dates that will appear in your calendar. These could be meetings, training, playgroups etc.

Direct Messaging

With a connection to FDSee you can seamlessly DM your Service, and vice versa, in real time, all in one place – no more worries on if they received that text message or email.

And there is a lot more coming…

Once we started developing 12See and talking to Educators, we quickly realised it’s going to get busy! There are so many features coming that will ensure 12See becomes a must- have for every Family Day Care Educator in Australia.

Business Expense Tracking

Business Expense Tracking

Tracking of Educator business related expenditure, with receipt upload and categories that reflect how a Family Day Care Educator operates. Reports created at year end for your accountant and prompts to ensure you are maximising what you can claim.

Educator Profiles

Educator Profiles

Providing you as an Educator with a professional profile for you and your business, for you to use stand alone or shared with your Service.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are an excellent example of how the use of technology can help the sector, and we are very excited about how our this aspect of our app can do this – and also help keep children safe.


Reporting Tools

Reporting is an important part of optimising your day as an educator. We are continually finding new ways to improve the reporting tools in 12See so you can run your business as efficiently as possible. Stay tuned for more reporting tools to come!

Dynanmic Forms and e-signatures

Dynanmic Forms and e-signatures

Create and re-use, share and distribute, save and retrieve – signed, sealed and delivered.

Transportation of Children

Transportation of Children

A dedicated part of 12See to ensure children are kept safe, and demonstrably compliant while out and about.

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