Application Changes and Enhancements

12See/FDSee Leaving and Returning

12See integration with FDSee for Educators to notify their Service when they are leaving the care environment on excursion.

  • 12See Function : Leaving/Return Button
    • Educator clicks on Leaving button;
    • Prompts for Destination, Children, Estimated Time of Return
    • Submit to Service
    • Returned button made active for Educator to notify of return
  • FDSee Function : Notification of Educator excursion
    • New message icon
    • Exact departure and return time, children, location all added to Educator Notes automatically
    • Data collated in Educator Excursion Report for real time list of Educators out with locations and timings
Release date: 1 August, 2023

12See Beta Live

12See ‘Beta’ live.

Closed user group testing and evaluation.

Release date: 3 April, 2023

12See Functions Added to FDSee

First major 12See functionality release into FDSee.

  • Function : System Inbox
    • New Inbox/Sent features
    • Integrated with 12See for inbound (Inbox) and outbound (Outbox) messages
    • Send message to 12See now visible – full release TBA
  • Function : System New Message Icon
    • New message icon now shown on all pages
    • Notifies users of new messages from 12See or RFCs from weblink
Release date: 22 March, 2023