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12See is part of the FDSee Platform, which also includes FDSee (the premier operational and Service management FDC application), and FDSeeCCS (the brand new Child Care Subsidy Management application for Services and Educators).

FDSee has been developing software specifically for the Family Day Care Sector in Australia for over 10 years. It’s founders have over 40 years collective experience in Family Day Care; operation, governance and management, and are active advocates for the sector.

FDSee is not a re-purposed long day care or generic system, it is dedicated and completely tailored to Family Day Care. It provides tools to demonstrate embedded best practice and is proven in many award winning and Services Exceeding National Quality Standards.

FDSee has become almost universally acclaimed as a game changer for the FDC Sector, with Jason Roberts (Editor and CEO – The Sector) writing recently, “It is unusual to research a piece and find feedback on the subject company is overwhelmingly positive, so credit must go to the FDSee team for building something of such value to the sector.”

FDSee is constantly growing and evolving, with input from some of the leading Family Day Care Services in the sector. Growth is not just limited to the many new Services joining us, but also the endless stream of suggestions for new features and enhancements based on Service input that collectively contribute to the system’s continuous improvement.

The FDSee Platform is underpinned by unparalleled customer support, based on a real understanding of the sector, its operational and legislative requirements, and increasing administrative burden.

As anyone who works in Family Day Care can attest to, change is the one constant factor. Regardless of what that might bring, FDSee is constantly being enhanced and evolving to meet whatever challenges are thrown at the Family Day Care sector.

Part of that evolution has led us to the development of 12See and FDSeeCCS.

Find out more about FDSee here

Find out more about FDSeeCCS here

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