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App Features

Compliance Made Easy

Compliance Made Easy

12See has a range of features specifically designed with you, the Educator, in mind. Keeping everything up to date, all in one place.

Document Storage

Got a new document, just take a pic on your phone and save it in 12See. Unlimited document upload, storage and retrieval. Send documents to your Service directly from the app.

Document Storage Options
Reminder options


Set up a range of reminders, for example, expiring documents, appointments and items from your To Do list – basically anything you need to remember, get 12See to keep you on track.


A calendar for your business, set up things like your parent interviews, care exceptions and school terms. 12See’s calendar comes complete with dates that are relevant to Family Day Care, and even your Service can add key dates via FDSee.

calendar in the app for your business
Messaging functionality


If your Service uses FDSee you can message them directly and vice versa via 12See, keeping all those important notifications in one place. With FDSee you can even directly upload key documentation directly for approval.

CCS Estimator

When a parent or family needs an estimate for their Gap Fee there and then, it’s easy with 12See’s CCS Estimator. Enter some basic information and get the estimate to pass on or email directly to them.

CCS Estimator

And a whole lot more…

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